You just love to pitch your tent in nature to admire the beautiful Armenian landscape the next morning but wonder where to go? 

Well, wild camping is allowed in Armenia, but if you are looking for something special to stay overnight, here are 5 places for you!

Kanchaqar Campzone


Price: 5-12 USD

Kanchaqar Campzone and rest area is located in Haghpat village of the Alaverdi community. It's a very pleasant camping spot especially after a long journey. The area has all the amenities you could need, with hot water for showers, bathrooms, and also a kitchen. They offer tents for rental or you can bring your own.

The camp zone offers fantastic views of the area and is conveniently located near the road leading to/from Haghartsin village. Be on the look out for camp zone road signs that will direct you to the area. 

Call ahead to arrange a meal made with local ingredients or bring your own food and prepare it yourself at an epic picnic shelter at the edge of the campground. 

Be sure to ask the multi-lingual Martuni about the unique meaning of the name! 

Camping 3 Gs


Price: 9-73 USD

Dutch couple Marty and Sandra came to Armenia for work in 2011. After spending 3 months in the capital city Yerevan, they ended up visiting a families home in the village of Goght. They fell in love with the place and decided to find their own piece of paradise. In 2014 B&B 3 Gs was opened and in 2015 Camping 3 Gs was opened in Goght.

The camping area has a large yard with a swimming pool where you can enjoy the 300 days of sunshine. The orchard, which is 8000 m2, is where you can put your tent up between the walnut, apple, pear, peach and cherry trees. You can bring your own tent or rent tents directly from the host. 

There are also 3 spacious kitchens so that you can make your own dinner along with a separate building with 6 toilets, 8 showers, 6 washing sinks and 2 washing machines. There is also free Wi-Fi.

ARK Eco Camp


Price: 5-10 USD

The ARK Tandzaver Eco Camp is located in the village of Tandzaver, 15 km south of Tatev Monastery.

The camp has 5 wooden huts, space to pitch a tent (offered for rent), and bathrooms with hot water. The huts, which can house 2 guests, come with an inflatable mattress, but you'll need to either bring your own sleeping bag or rent from ARK. The outdoor dining room is equipped with everything necessary to cook your own meals (you can purchase a variety of produce from the village), and of course there is a bonfire area. The eco-camp camp uses solar energy to power the lights and heat their water, and works with the village in order to support the local economy, buying produce from villagers to even being welcomed into locals' homes for a delicious homemade meal. The camp offers e-bikes rentals, as well as horseback riding tours for those interested. 

We recommend you stay here between the months of May and September, as the high altitude means colder temperatures in the spring and winter.

Chumov Lake Campsite


Price: FREE

Located right by Chumov Lake on this trail is a campsite, perfect to pitch some tents, light a fire, and take in the gorgeous sunset (check out the pic, it’s a pretty awesome spot to spend the night). There’s a beautiful large khachkar (Armenian cross-stone) at the top of the hill by the lake, FYI. But you’ll have to collect your own firewood, and bring everything else you’ll need to spend the night, as there are no amenities nearby. The closest fresh water source is at the Holy Mother of God Cave Church, also on the Martiros Waterfall trail, 1km away. Plan accordingly, and don’t forget to clean up after yourself when you leave. 

Gndevank Campground


Price: FREE

This campground has everything that makes a unique camping experience: clean drinking water, great views, it’s perfect for stargazing, and in the mornings, you’ll wake up to the bells of the monastery and the chants of monks. Pretty neat, right?

These are just a few of the many camp options in Armenia. For more information, use the search function on our website, write to us or come directly to our information center in Yerevan.
So? What are you waiting for? Pack your tent and backpack and off you go on an adventure!

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