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Sanahin to Haghpat Monasteries

Sanahin to Haghpat Monasteries

8.5 km

Things to see

Kayan Fortress
Mikoyan Brothers Museum
Sanahin Monastery
Haghpat Monastery Complex
This trail in the northern Lori Province connects the monasteries of Sanahin and Haghpat, both UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and arguably Armenia’s most important monasteries.

The World Heritage Trail starts at the Sanahin Monastery Complex, located in the village of Sanahin (within the city limits of Alaverdi), overlooking the Debed River Canyon. Take your time exploring the complex’s many chapels, the academy building (once a medieval high school), book depositories, refectories, galleries, and other structures.

From Sanahin, the trail will lead you to another one of Armenia’s iconic monasteries—Haghpat. Both monasteries were built in the 10th century, and were once important centers of scholarship. Be sure to give yourself enough time to explore both sites! Between Sanahin and Hagphat, a short spur trail going north will take you to the ruins of the 13th century Kayan Fortress, also known as Aknaberd. FYI, autumn is a great season to hike this trail—the mountains surrounding the Debed Canyon are painted in vivid colors and are often crowned by low-lying clouds.

You will find stone pillars guiding you along the trail, installed by the Armenian Hikers Association (AHA) team. 

Note: this trail is not a loop, and that you’ll have to either walk or find transport to get back to where you started (see the HOW TO GET THERE for transport options). Transportation to Sanahin is easier to navigate, which is why we recommend you start your hike there, though you can start at Haghpat.

How to get there

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Mantis Toboggan
Wonderful and easy hike.
Tatiana Nadyseva
Really nice trail going through picturesque terrain.
Mars Va
I loved this trail, I really did!


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