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Haghpat to Tsaghkashat

Haghpat to Tsaghkashat

7.0 km

Things to see

Kayan Fortress
Haghpat Monastery Complex
Haghpat Monastery Viewpoint
Hike from a UNESCO World Heritage Site to a picturesque village known for its greenery. If the season’s right, you’ll find yourself in a forest of blackberries—pick, eat, and take some for the trail! 

You’ll head out of Haghpat village on a steady incline through a lush forest, until you come out near the peak of Surb Luys Mountain. Surb luys means “holy light” in Armenian. The peak lies at 1875m, but you’ll reach a max elevation of 1657m. From there, you’ll go down the other side of the mountain. If you’re hiking in the months of July or August, you’ll find yourself in a natural blackberry forest—pick as much as you can eat or carry! 

Nestled in the valley below the mountain is the picturesque village of Tsaghkashat, where you can either set up camp, or continue another 13km to Neghots village, which is located on the main road in the area.

FYI, this trail is one of several in the Lori Province that are all connected, and all on our app and website! You can start a multi-day hike in the region starting with the Goats Goats Goats Trail, which takes you from Kobayr Monastery to the 5th century Odzun Church. Then continue to Sanahin Monastery (another UNESCO World Heritage Site in the area) by following the Debed River Canyon on the Canyon Railway. The World Heritage Trail will take you from Sanahin to Haghpat Monastery, from which you can continue to Tsaghkashat on this trail. Total distance: 34.3km (21.3mi). Keep reading to find local accommodations in the area, hand-picked by us!

How to get there

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Shomrony Shimon
Tatiana Nadyseva
Not very exciting. All the way through the forest and there isn’t really anything to see on the way. The grass was very high with a lot of insects.


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Get a taste of Armenian hospitality

Kanchaqar Campzone

5 - 12 USD

Maugly Eco Resort

14 - 20 USD